Since 1973 it has been a long journey for Amar and Sabyasachi . Sleepless nights and coffee cups are witness to the evolution of some of the most fantactic compositions: The Wild Life Parade, Portraits,Dramatic Sequences of Daily Life, and many other sensational compositions. Complemented with perfectly synchronised background music and ambient sound often provided onstage by the ventriloquist Sabyasachi, the hour long live performance by the duo gives the feeling of viewing an early film.

Their compositions often have a linear narrative structure, and cinamatic techniques like long shot, mid shot,close up, panning and even slow motion are amply used to enhance the story telling, which has duly earned their presentations the complement of "cinema in silhoutte"


Documentary made through Hand Shadowgraphy for government and private organizations.

Tribute to Mother Teresa and Lady Diana (covered in the Internet top ten news of Asia : http://www.asianmall.com/topnews/archive/sep17.html (1997)
Documentary by the Govt. of West Bengal on Widow Remarriage , Women's Literacy and selected episode from the drama NILDARPAN, for the Town Hall Museum, Kolkata, (2001)
Titling of an ongoing documentary project of the Govt. of West Bengal on the West Bengal Tour of Nelson Mandela.
Titling of a commercial movie : "Prem Joyarey"
Corporate film for Polar Latex
Corporate film for MECON
Participated in an international workshop on erforming Arts organised by Rabimdra Bharati University, Kolkata.
Presented a training programme for children at Doordarshan, Kolkata.

From some leading news dailies....

HINDUSTAN TIMES, 2001 "Duo casts ray of light on world of shadows... keeping the crowd engrossed,making them react with wonder!"
TIMES OF OMAN (MUSCAT) 1999 "The two tigers from Bengal Amar Sen and Sabyasachi Sen...simply bowled over the audience with their thrilling artistry...they were the star attraction of the show and were the only ones to recieve a standing ovation ."
MIDDAY (MUMBAI) 1998 "They have the world at their fingertips, literally. Amar and Sabyasachi the only professional hand-shadowgraphy duo in the country."
TIMES OF INDIA 1997 "Neither cinema, nor photography, neither theatre nor magic, it blends all these beautifully."
THE TELEGRAPH 1996 "Their performances which recieved rave reviews all over the country has held spectators of all age groups completely spellbound."
"Amar -Sabyasachi are the two titans, encompassing all of greatest stylistic and technical innovations of the era in the deep study of their art."
SUNDAY MAIL "Their method can be successfully applied to films, Television, ads, comedies absurd and avant-garde themes."
SUNDAY "An unusual duo create cinema in silhoutte"

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